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17-rod Portable Soroban, Birch Colored Beads, made by Polystyrene Ebony Frame, In Box (W7300) + W701

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Robust ebony frame. Stable birch colored beads made by Polystyrene.

Spec : 253x62x19(mm).17-rod, birch colored beads, ebony frame, in paper box

3,800 JPY

Combined Sales

For your convenient order, we set up the assortment of soroban, text book and other itmes.
For the elementary class users, we select the soroban and text book for the biginners. And for each class users, so on.

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    Soroban for Beginners Learning Lesson Kit with Soroban workbook for beginners (US-15K)


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    Soroban for Beginners Learning Lesson Kit with DVD in English and Japanese w/ Soroban workbook for beginners (US-15KD)


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    Mr.KANEMOTO’s Perfect1-4 + Syuntatsu1-3 + Mian Set + Yomiage Anzan18000


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    17-rod Portable Soroban, Birch Colored Beads, made by Polystyrene Ebony Frame, In Box (W7300) + W701


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    15-rod Portable Soroban, Masterpiece, Boxwood Beads (W15153) + W701


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    15-rod Portable Soroban, Masterpiece, Birchwood Beads (W15100) + W701


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