UNSHUDO was established in 1897 by Tokuji Hino who is our Grandfather and has many patents of Soroban manufacturing.

Over 110 years, we are always committing for serving our product to satisfy customers who expect high quality Soroban.

Although the Soroban market has been slowing due to computerization in these 30 years as you know, Many educational organization take a growing interest in Soroban with the mathematical value not just in Japan but worldwide in the recent decade.

Soroban has always been known as a masterpiece in two points of view.
1. “Beauty-Highly detailed wood-working techniques”
We proudly believe “the No.1 wood techniques in Human history throughout the world”
2. “ Mathematical Value, the concept of numbers with decimal positioning”
We also believe the small Soroban has the essence of the numbers which human beings acquire with long history.

It is our pleasure to introduce our amazing Soroban-Abacuses.

General Manager
Kazuteru Hino

  • Premium Soroban

    These Premium Soroban is not only the tools of calculation but also the arts and crafts of Japanese culture.
    The long experienced crafts man called “Meiko” at Unshu district in Japan , carefully make their articles one by one.
    The materials they select are quite a rare natural woods and dry up so long years at the natural situation,
    in order not to curve after the construction.

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  • UNSHUDO Collection

    The most popular items of our soroban products.
    Since the beginners of Soroban to the expert players, we can provide many types of Soroban so long items.

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  • Combined Sales

    For your convenient order, we set up the assortment of soroban, text book and other itmes.
    For the elementary class users, we select the soroban and text book for the biginners. And for each class users, so on.

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  • Vintage Soroban

    This man was the best of the best crafts man in Japanese soroban history.
    Our former general manager “Kuniteru” keeps those items not for sale, just for the memorandum of Japanese Soroban History.
    So, we hesitate whether we can sell or not, but we deside we should introduce the excellent hand products to the world wide.

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If you have any questions about Soroban-Abacuses or others,
please contact us using the details below:


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E-mail : inquiry@unshudo.co.jp

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